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Welcome to Laundry Motors

Your only choice for quality rebuilt motors! Established in 1974, Laundry Motors has fine tuned the rebuilt electric motor trade by replicating factory specifications within our facility. We can safely offer our warranties equal to those which produce these fine washer and dryer motors.

We cater solely to the commercial garment industry including:

  • Laundromats
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Hotels / Motels

We service, repair and rewind all major name brand washer and dryer motors including, Dexter, Elmo, Speed Queen (SQ), Milnor, Heubsch, Maytag, Ipso, Unimac, ADC, Wascomat, Cissell, and many more.

We pride ourselves within our service and satisfaction and believe in a truly rebuilt product going the distance.

December discount code:

10% off the month of December. Offer valid for website order or phone order if mentioned in contact.